Solutions For Soil Moisture Management

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Drier & Firmer Greens

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Even Moisture & LDS Control

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Treat Fairways Affordably

Backed By Science

Our scientists are constantly researching to better understand how soil wetting agents function and to develop next-generation water management solutions for turfgrass managers.

A range of top-performing products.

Dew Prevention

As regulations on the use of fungicides tighten, safe and effective alternatives to fungicide use become more necessary.

Turf Stress Relief

Understanding the power of your nitrogen source can help prevent turf stress and avoid unwanted top growth.

Nutrient Efficiency

The combination of a strong acid with the addition of plant-available carbon can transform turf in tough conditions.

Pond Remediation

By preventing algae from forming in the first place, pond water can be kept clear naturally – without chemical inputs.

TriCure is a leading wetting agent sold across the globe.

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Find the SDS and label for the product you need.

Find the SDS and label for the product you need.