Still the Strongest Soil Surfactant

What makes TriCure better?

Effective at low rates

Creates moisture uniformity

Stands up to the harshest conditions

Works on all soil types

Consistent performance for over 20 years

Looking for even more flexibility? Try a program.

Consider using a combination of TriCure and our soil penetrant, Terafirm to craft a wetting agent program that you can modify week-to-week or even hole-by-hole. The use of TriCure and Terafirm gives turf managers the ultimate control and flexibility over turf moisture and firmness.

Other application methods


TriCure Granular

An effective method for treatment and prevention of hydrophobic conditions.

TriCure Pellets

Designed to dissolve quickly to allow fast application with chemical dosage sufficient to effectively treat and prevent hydrophobic soils.


TriCure AD

TriCure is the most effective and versatile multi-use soil surfactant for preventing and controlling soil water repellency and hydrophobicity. The strength of the product allows it to successfully address repellency problems in the widest range of soil types and in the harshest climates.

By facilitating water movement through even the most repellent soils, TriCure enables superior irrigation uniformity.

TriCure AD TriCure Granular TriCure Pellets
  • Preventative and curative for Localized Dry Spots
  • Treatment of soil organic matter
  • Reduced water usage
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Treatment of full soil profile — not limited to a single depth or zone
  • Fast soil dry-down on soil surfaces
  • Use with fungicides for Fairy Ring control
  • Alternative to irrigation surfactants
  • The lowest and most flexible usage rates
  • Non-phytotoxic

TriCure Granular

TriCure Granular is an alternative application method of applying the TriCure AD liquid surfactant. Formulated with the DG Lite carrier, this granular product offers a fast and easy delivery method for hard-to-spray areas such as slopes, bunker edges, greens, approaches, and spot treatments. It can be applied by hand or with spreaders.

As with any application of liquid TriCure, soil treated with TriCure Granular will show improved water infiltration, uniform distribution of soil moisture, and prevention and treatment of localized dry spots.

TriCure AD TriCure Granular TriCure Pellets
  • Easy application, no residual
  • DG Lite as the inert carrier
  • Eliminates Localized Dry Spots
  • Improved infiltration and water penetration
  • Uniform distribution of water to the rootzone
  • Reduces labor cost associated with hand watering
  • Non-phytotoxic

TriCure Pellets

TriCure Pellets are an alternative application method for applying TriCure AD liquid.

These pellets are designed to dissolve quickly, normally between 8-15 minutes dependent on water temperature and flow. This allows an effective 6oz application of TriCure to be applied in the normal time it takes to syringe a green or turf hot spots.

Competitor pellets take between 45-60 minutes to fully dissolve, allowing very little chemistry to be applied without excessive syringing.

TriCure AD TriCure Granular TriCure Pellets
  • Fast melting – allowing for stronger treatment
  • Effectively prevents and treats Localized Dry Spots
  • Alternate method to spray applications for greens
  • Enhances uniform penetration of water into the soil profile
  • Enhances recovery of stress damaged turf
  • Easy-to-carry containers (3 pellets per tube)