The only product proven to prevent dew on turf.

DewCure was designed to prevent dew and guttation fluid from sitting on the surface of turf leaves.

Dry grass not only creates better playing conditions, but by keeping moisture of the leaf surface, the turf is less susceptible to diseases like brown patch, pink snow mold and more.

Dry Playing Conditions

Use before tournaments or in the shoulder seasons to keep feet dry and avoid tracks on the turf.


Disease Suppression

Prevent turf diseases like anthracnose and dollar spot by keeping sugary guttation fluid off the leaf surface. Disease prevention reduces fungicide usage.

Pretreatment for Dry Topdressing

Dry turf in the morning allows for an early and easier application of dry topdress.


Makes Aerification Easier

Aerifying on dry turf reduces mud from the cores and allows for easier clean-up.



DewCure was developed to prevent excess leaf moisture formation on turfgrass leaves from dew, guttation water, rain, irrigation, and frost. Moisture control is achieved by speeding moisture removal from turfgrass leaves to promote faster drying following the introduction of moisture.

This multi-use product helps to suppress turfgrass diseases that are dependent on leaf moisture to grow, such as dollar spot, anthracnose, snow molds, and brown patch.

DewCure adheres directly to the leaf surface providing long-lasting moisture reduction on turfgrass leaf surfaces. Once bonded, DewCure will not wash off as surfactants do, but instead will cover the leaves with a water-resistant coating that is durable once dry.

  • Suppress dew and moisture accumulation
  • Faster drying following rain or irrigation
  • Moisture management to reduce disease pressure
  • Pretreatment for aerification and topdressing
  • Drier playing conditions for tournament play
  • Light frost control