Strengthen turf to withstand stress.

Arm your turfgrass with protection against both biotic and abiotic stressors like drought and heat. As a source of amino-derived nitrogen, Proactin offers many benefits over other nitrogen sources.

Not all Nitrogen is Created Equal

Added benefits of ProactinEX.

L-Amino Acids

Nitrogen from L-amino acids helps create stronger turf that tolerates environmental stress, grows longer roots without growing shoots, and has increased resistance to pests / diseases. 

Vitamin Premix

Proactin contains a pre-mix of hand-selected plant vitamins known to acelerate seed germination and turfgrass vigor. Plant vitamins are natural antioxidant molecules that help reduce turfgrass stress.

Seaweed Extract

Seaweed extract contains natural plant-derived molecules that regulate the growth of turfgraes. These molecules help maintain turfgrass quality in the face of environmental stress.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid stimulates a plant’s Systemic Acquired Resistance response, which increaes natural defenses against turfgrass diseases.

Plant Stress Metabolites

Plant stress metabolites are critical for helping plant adapt to the environment and for overcoming tress conditions.

Glycine Betaine

Glycine betaine is a natural osmolyte that help turfgras leaves retain water. In the face of environmental stress, high levels of glycine-betaine protect against drought, heat, and salt stress. 



ProactinEX provides a cost-effective method for treating turf with a highly concentrated blend of nitrogen in the form of select L-form amino acids, B-complex vitamins and antioxidants that provides for ready uptake.

The benefit of nitrogen from Proactin vs. nitrogen from other sources is that Proactin promotes the type of growth typically sought after in the golf and sports turf market:

  • Root growth (instead of shoot growth)
  • Avoids artificial stimulation of turf greening
  • Strengths turf to prevent and more quickly recover from biotic and abiotic pressures

This highly concentrated formulation and low use rate makes Proactin both easy to tank mix and affordable.

  • Contains a 40% concentration of active ingredients, including over 30% of select amino acids
  • Supplies nitrogen in the form of protein hydrolysates (i.e. amino acids) allowing ready foliar or root uptake by plants without draining energy from the plant.
  • Helps turf better maintain its physiological functions like photosynthesis and enzyme-based metabolic activity.
  • Allows for the customization of turf nutritional programs
  • Low cost-per-acre, creating an affordable method of treating large turf areas, even on a limited maintenance budget
  • Can be applied via spray equipment or injection into irrigation systems
  • Amino acids can act as natural chelating agents for cationic plant nutrients