A carbon-rich acidifier

Multiple Benefits – One Product

Think of Terreplex as a 2-for-1 product. As a safe acid, Terreplex can be used to modify soil pH and solubilize calcium, especially when applied with lime or gypsum. But as a natural product derived from trees, Terreplex provides an excellent source of carbon – 3 lbs per gallon. The carbon serves as a food source for soil microbes that promote plant health.

Food for Microbes

Adjust soil pH without harsh acid products.


Carbon Source

Provides food for soil microbes.

Increase Nutrient Utilization

Solubilizes calcium & release bound nutrients from the soil.


Salt & Bicarbonate Reduction

Improves overall plant health



Terreplex is a carbon-rich acidifier derived from a natural, sustainable source. Its strong acidifying properties reduce bicarbonate levels, helping convert bound nutrients into plant-available forms. Its natural organic carbon polymer promotes plant health by feeding beneficial soil microbes.

Users of Terreplex can expect to see enhanced turf nutritional program efficiency, increased cation exchange capacity, improved flushing of soil salts and improved soil structure. Terreplex has the additional benefits of being a non-phytotoxic acid that is safe to handle without the need for extensive PPE or handling precautions.

  • Reduce bicarbonates and/or unwanted salts
  • Stimulate soil microflora by providing a carbon source (> 3 pounds of carbon/gallon)
  • Maintain a more neutral soil pH
  • Convert locked nutrients like calcium into forms that are more available to plants
  • Chelate micronutrients like iron to improve plant availability
  • Impact fertilizer inputs
  • Economical, alternative carbon source for turf nutrition programs
  • Open soil pores and improve flocculation
    Non-phytotoxic and safe to handle
  • Descalent for irrigation lines