A product to drive water down away
from the soil surface.

Why use Terafirm?

Terafirm was designed  to drive water downward off the soil surface to reach field capacity quicker. This makes it a perfect partner with TriCure for creating a timed, surfactant program that fits the needs of your specific soil & turf conditions.

  • Moves water off turf surface
  • Speeds soil dry-down
  • Increases turf firmness
  • Moves water multi directionally
  • Prevents and treats LDS
  • Use in hot, dry conditions

Each turf area is unique.

Conditions change from hole-to-hole and across the seasons. A timed wetting agent program specific to a location’s conditions and goals can prove most successful in balancing turf moisture, firmness, and plant health.



Terafirm is a non-phytotoxic soil penetrant developed to release water from the turf surface and accelerate its movement through the soil profile. In doing so, Terafirm speeds soil dry-down and increases turf firmness.

Terafirm can be used alone or in combination with TriCure AD to create a unique and effective tool for turf professionals to help maintain drier soil surfaces.

  • Promotes downward water movement, away from the soil surface
  • Facilitates faster soil dry-down
    Promotes firmer turf surfaces
  • Speeds access to play, carts, and equipment after rain and irrigation events